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We are collectingsystems

collectingsystems is an experienced partner specialised in the development and production of containers for used clothing collection, as well as individual housings and steel solutions.

Since our foundation, we have developed into a versatile service provider and supplier over the years. Together with our customers, we work on the development of prototypes all the way to series production, offering a wide range of services such as planning, construction, manufacturing and logistics.

Since 2017, we have been producing in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Poland to ensure the highest quality, flexibility and reliability. Many years of experience in container construction for used clothing collection and constant technical developments guarantee punctual deliveries and satisfied customers.

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The story of our company


collectingsystems was founded by Dirk Gänsbauer with the aim of developing and manufacturing used clothing containers in line with technical progress, both functionally and visually. Dirk brought more than 20 years of experience in the clothing and used clothing industry to his new company.


The development of the Collecting Box Classic (CBC) was an important milestone for collectingsystems. The CBC had numerous innovations in the field of used clothing containers, such as:

  • the highest point of the roof is at the front to divert water and snow flow to the back

  • all black plate attachments are galvanised

  • each one is individualised with the company initials cut into it and consecutive numbering

  • easy handling due to the wide handle

  • the face of the housing can be used for advertising

March 2010

The first delivery of a Collection Box Classic (CBC) from the then production facility near Timisoara in Romania was successfully carried out.

February 2011

In 2011, collectingsystems was converted into a GmbH (limited liability company) to put the company on a solid legal footing. This transformation enabled collectingsystems to run its business in a clear and formalised structure, which allowed the company to improve its business processes and optimise its growth strategies.

December 2011

A significant milestone was the first labelling of used clothing containers with a design requested by the customer. This innovation allows customers to customise and creatively design their containers to promote their brand. The production was already carried out in the new production facility by the former production partner “Partner Systems” in Poland.

January 2013

The first successful delivery of the Collecting Box Classic (CBC) in cooperation with the former production partner in Zielona Gora (Poland). The cooperation with this partner made it possible to further expand production capacities and offer customers a greater variety of high-quality products and services. At the same time, there was also a change from wet painting to powder coating of the containers.

June 2013

The first production of the Collecting Box City (CBCity) for the tender of the city of Hanover was carried out. The CBCity is an innovative and compact solution for the placement of used clothing containers in urban areas with limited space, without creating a visual obstruction. With this solution, municipal authorities and organisations could optimise their collection systems and offer their citizens an efficient and convenient way to donate their clothes and textiles.

October 2013

In October 2013, collectingsystems moved to a new office building at the address Stadtweg 2 in Stammham. At the same time, Ms Angela Kistler started in her role as sales assistant, in which she is still responsible for delivery coordination and accounting.

November 2013

collectingsystems has received the coveted DEKRA “Tested Safety” certificate for its Collection Box Classic (CBC) and Collection Box City (CBCity) used clothing containers. This certificate confirms that the CBC and CBCity meet the highest safety standards and offer customers a safe and reliable collection solution for used clothing.

April 2014

In April 2014, Michaela Hintze started her journey at collectingsystems as a mini-jobber during her studies. She quickly showed her commitment and skills, which led to her being hired as an assistant to the management in February 2016. There she supported the company in many areas and contributed significantly to its success. Due to her outstanding commitment and understanding of the industry, she was appointed managing partner in 2019 and has been a key pillar of the company ever since.

June 2014

The first CS Gitterbox XL was successfully delivered to customers. This special mesh box is an innovative solution for the efficient transport and storage of consolidated goods. The space-saving design is particularly noteworthy: up to six collapsed mesh boxes can be stacked and thus transported efficiently.

March 2015

A special container production for Texaid Switzerland was successfully delivered. Texaid is one of the largest textile recyclers in Europe and relies on the proven quality of collectingsystems’ collection containers. The special containers were manufactured according to Texaid’s requirements and once again underline collectingsystems’ high flexibility and professional competence in individual customer service.

April 2015

Introduction of the reinforced locking latch. The improved closure ensures greater security and stability of the collection containers and prevents unwanted opening by unauthorised persons or tampering. With the innovative improvement of the locking system, collectingsystems once again underlines its pioneering role in the development of safe and efficient collection containers for the textile recycling industry.

July 2015

Delivery of the first CS Shoebox XL from collectingsystems. The Shoebox XL is a collection container specially developed for the collection of shoes. Its size and ergonomic handles make it particularly suitable for use in public places.

September 2015

In September 2015, the production of the Core 360° reading units started, which are in use for the Danish DRS (Dansk Retour System) and the DPG (Deutsche Pfand Gesellschaft), among others. The Core 360° reading unit is one of the core technologies for all types of reverse vending machines.

November 2016

Team Steel Sp.z.o.o. was founded. This new production facility in Poland was to take over the future production of used clothing containers and the expansion of collectingsystems’ product range in the area of housing construction and intelligent steel solutions. At the same time, the lease of the production facility in Zielona Gora, which was still under construction, was agreed. With this strategic decision, collectingsystems secured its own production facility and thus also improved control over the production chain.

April 2017

Only a few months after the foundation, the start of production was celebrated in the new halls of Team Steel Sp.z.o.o. in Zielona Gora. With its own production in Poland, collectingsystems could now guarantee higher quality and faster delivery times. The new production site also created more jobs, which benefited the region.

May 2017

Development of a new used clothing container with e-waste collection capability for City Green Point. This container offers customers an additional option to dispose their electronic waste conveniently and safely. By integrating an e-waste collection capability into the used clothing container, a space-saving and efficient solution for collecting various recycling products was created.

May 2017

collectingsystems presented the current programme at the textile recycling trade association conference. At the event the latest developments were presented, including the used clothing container with covered flap to prevent entry and used clothing containers with electronic lock.

October 2017

The first delivery of the housing for a GasTauschAutomat (GTA) was realised. The GTA enables customers to exchange, buy or return gas cylinders around the clock and thus offers a fully automated solution for the issue and return of all commercially available 5kg, 8kg and 11kg propane gas cylinders made of steel and aluminium.

January 2019

Further development of the electronic lock lockmatec. The lock makes it possible to lock and open the used clothing container easily and securely. The new development has made the lock even more robust and resistant to manipulation attempts. The lockmatec lock thus offers improved protection against theft and vandalism.

July 2020

First delivery of the housings for air purifiers in two different sizes. The air purifiers are not only technically comfortable and beneficial to health, but also allow you to choose between the discreet standard design or individual labelling of the housing.

August 2021

In August 2021, production was moved to a larger and more modern production facility. This increased capacity and allowed for flexible expansion of production in the future. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, the company has seen steady growth as well as retaining a good mix of loyal customers and attracting new ones.

September 2021

Start of series production of wall and ceiling panels for clean rooms. The panels are made of high-quality materials and meet the highest requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. The panel systems are used in various industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and the electronics industry.

May 2023

Proven design taken to the next level. The newly developed Collecting Box Wave was presented at the 10th International bvse-Alttextiltag and corresponds in its body to the successful Collecting Box Classic model, but has been extended by the innovative insertion area. Instead of a flap, there is a metal curtain that can only be moved to the inside of the container, making it much more difficult to fish out goods. In addition, the insertion shaft has been narrowed so that it is almost impossible to climb into the container. Nevertheless, common sacks of old clothes can be thrown in without any problems.

August 2023

Introducing our new Ecoline powder coating system. This state-of-the-art addition redefines efficiency, precision and sustainability and speeds up production processes while maintaining the highest quality standards. It offers customised solutions, fast colour changes and optimal powder application, backed by a strong commitment to the environment. With an extension spanning more than 1200 m², we are ready to take advantage of the new powder coating system and the opportunities it offers.

September 2023

We are pleased to introduce Mathias Guggenbichler as our new co-owner and Managing Director for Industrial Products. Having worked with renowned companies such as Microsoft, Shpock and Bitpanda, Mathias is no stranger to innovation and strategic growth. In addition, Mathias has already been a advisor to collectingsystems since December 2022 and played a key role in the redesign of our website, as well as improving our digital presence.

To be continued...

The collectingsystems story continues and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative housings and intelligent steel solutions in the future.

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