Our success stories are primarily the success stories of our partners.

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From prototype to series production

Approach is key and at collectingsystems we take a comprehensive, attentive and detail-oriented approach to the implementation of intelligent steel solutions and housings. Our goal is to make the intelligence of machines and devices effectively and individually visible in every order.

As an experienced manufacturer, we provide our expertise from the vision stage onwards, tailoring the design to the interior and exterior appearance and developing the entire process with a wide range of individual services such as planning, construction, manufacturing and logistics.

Based on our core competence – system integration – we pre-assemble modules and assemblies, simplifying incoming goods and final assembly for our customers. Our expertise in specialised manufacturing and logistics extends all the way to the end customer.

You can find some selected success stories of our partners here:

Core 360° Reading Unit

The Core 360° reading units have been setting standards in performance and reliability for many years. By using 6 cameras, it enables a 360° viewing angle to analyse beverage packaging from any angle during take-back. The system thus supports an efficient and environmentally friendly return of recyclables into the cycle. Among others, the reading units are in use for the Danish one-way deposit DRS (Danks Retour System) as well as for the DPG (Deutsche Pfand Gesellschaft). The Core 360° reading unit is one of the core technologies for all types of reverse vending machines.

GasTauschAutomat (GTA)

The GTA, set up in car parks or public places, allows customers to exchange, buy or return gas cylinders around the clock and thus offers a fully automated solution for the dispensing and return of all commercially available 5kg, 8kg and 11kg propane gas cylinders made of steel and aluminium. For outdoor use, the GTA has an outdoor storage area in accordance with TRGS 510.

Wall & ceiling systems for cleanrooms

Three requirements in particular apply to cleanrooms: Modularity, flexibility and cleanroom suitability. This is guaranteed by a standardised system with many modules. All wall & ceiling systems meet the cleanroom standards EN ISO 14644-4 and are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute. They are flexible in height and width, are installed flush with the surface and have antistatic, non-reflective surfaces.

Sandwich wall & ceiling systems are available for all cleanroom classes and consist of sandwich elements made of sheet steel with mineral wool filling or polyurethane. They are modular in design, with sealed transitions to meet all requirements.

Shaker - stationary paint mixing device

The shaker is a stationary mixing device for closed, tightly closing, round, square and oval mixing vessels, made of metal or plastic. It can be used to mix paints, paint concentrates, architectural and industrial paints, plasters and other low-viscosity materials. The range of application extends from paint wholesalers and retailers, the paint, lacquer and chemical industry, to related areas. This mixing device is particularly suitable as a system component for paint dosing systems. The mixing vessel is automatically clamped in the machine and mixed with the help of an alternating orbital vibrating movement by linear inertial forces.

Air Purifier Pro & Comfort

The two air purifier models are not only technically comfortable, due to the whisper-quiet and highly efficient design, and health-promoting by demonstrably reducing the aerosol concentration in rooms, but also allow you to choose between the inconspicuous standard design or individual labelling of the housing.

Collecting Box Container

The proven success models for used clothing collection. Technically perfect, DEKRA tested and, if required, CE labelled for the European market. The monopitch roof of the Collecting Box containers is designed to divert water and snow flow to the rear for effective drainage. All components are made of robust 0.80mm, 1.00mm or 1.25mm sheet metal to ensure high stability and durability. In addition, all add-on parts such as the locking system, foot rods, hinges and handle are galvanised. Each one can be individualised with the company initials cut-in and sequential numbering to enable clear identification. The extra wide handle on Classic and City makes for easier handling. The water-repellent door frame is equipped with additional drainage holes to prevent water penetration. In addition, the product is powder-coated and, on customer request, labelled with a digital printing foil to provide an attractive appearance.

CS Gitterbox XL

This special mesh box is an innovative solution for the efficient transport and storage of consolidated goods. Particularly noteworthy is the space-saving construction: up to six folded mesh boxes can be stacked and thus transported efficiently. The side parts of the product are made of 5mm thick mesh and are additionally reinforced with a cross stiffener made of square tubing. This ensures high stability and load capacity. The fork shoes have a standard spacing of 72cm internal dimension and thus offer a universal fit for various types of forklift trucks. The floor can be selected as either a fixed floor or a grid floor, depending on requirements. For returnable use, the product is equipped with a quick-assembly by folding system. In addition, the product is secured by a 10-screw fixation to ensure optimum stability during transport.