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Customised solutions from a single source

Our company has many years of experience in metal processing and housing construction, and with our modern production site and our highly specialised team, we are able to provide you with individual solutions for every requirement.

Our experienced specialists work together with you on the development of prototypes and support you in the implementation of your projects through to series production with a wide range of services such as planning, construction, manufacturing and logistics.

Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with companies from various sectors of industry and our cooperation with these partners, we are able to offer you even more comprehensive, customised steel solutions and housing designs.

Trust in our expertise and let us work together on your projects. We look forward to offering you our high-quality steel solutions and housings and are always available for enquiries.


At collectingsystems, we believe that a well-developed plan is essential to the success of any project. With our extensive experience in intelligent steel solutions and housing construction, we understand the importance of thorough groundwork and can therefore deliver better solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Our systematic approach to industrial design and engineering ensures that our steel solutions and enclosures are precisely engineered and matched. Our parallel development approach also allows us to design in a way that fits the machine exactly, which reduces time to market, as well as making products more economical.

Another important part of our approach is agile development. It allows us to react quickly to changes during the creation process and ensures that the machine and housings or steel solutions grow together. This creates individual, economical and clever solutions that are transparent and backed by real costs right from the start.

Industrial Products - Leistungen Konzeption
Industrial Products - Leistungen Konstruktion


In our company, we take the development and design phase very seriously and allow sufficient time to unite the industrial design and the technical functions of the steel solution and housing. This is one of our core competences, and in doing so we choose the materials carefully to achieve elegant finishes, the right colouring and ultimately a functional and beautiful end product.

Our constructions are designed to meet specific requirements such as tightness, oil resistance, heat resistance or employee protection. Technically sophisticated solutions for the housing architecture are often more economical than if all these properties had to be fulfilled by the machine itself. With drainage, air baffles, bonding or other constructive solutions, we make our steel solutions and housings more than just a beautiful shell.


At collectingsystems, we know that the production of high-quality steel solutions and housings is just as important as their construction. That is why we believe that clever concepts must not only be designed, but also produced. We have many years of experience as a manufacturer of intelligent steel solutions and housings and process metals such as stainless steel, steel and aluminium.

Our production facility in Poland is equipped with high-performance equipment to ensure quality in manufacturing. We use high-precision equipment for cutting, bending, welding, surface finishing and powder coating in our newly built facility. We do not compromise on quality and precision, and our employees throughout the manufacturing process are experts in their field.

Industrial Products - Leistungen Fertigung
Industrial Products - Leistungen Logistik


In our company, we place great emphasis on the timely delivery of our products to customers. We follow a just-in-time and safety approach to save storage space and reduce costs for our customers.

From the beginning of development, we calculate the space required for transport and installation to minimise the number of individual parts to be shipped. We pre-assemble the modules, which saves time during final assembly and makes transport more efficient and economical.

Our employees personally take care of packaging & shipping and we use end-user packaging to reduce the effort and increase the convenience for our customers. In addition, we emphasise economical and sustainable shipping methods.