Collecting Box Containers are DEKRA tested for the highest quality requirements.

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Collecting Box Container

Our history shows that our products have been constantly thought through and adapted to the needs of the demanding used clothing market. Our Collecting Box containers are technically mature and offer many premium details:

Collecting Box Classic

The proven success model for used clothing collection. Technically perfect with many features.

Teaserbild Container - Collecting Box City

Collecting Box City

The used clothing collection container for the city centre with a good overview due to its 170cm height and all premium details.

Teaserbild Container - Collecting Box Wave

Collecting Box Wave

Proven design taken to the next level. Used clothing container with innovative insertion area to make fishing out and getting in more difficult.

Teaserbild Container - Collecting Box Shoe XL

Collecting Box Shoe XL

Specially designed shoe container for use in limited spaces with 180° door opening for easy emptying.

Teaserbild Container - CS Gitterbox

CS Gitterbox XL​

The Gitterbox XL is a flexible companion for storage and transport in textile recycling.

Supplementary equipment

Increased number of break-ins? Broken up latches? Uneven spaces? These problems occur very often in the used clothing industry.
In addition to comprehensive service, we also offer a wide range of supplementary equipment for our Collecting Box containers. You are welcome to choose different variants within a delivery so that the containers can be individually adapted to the needs at the respective location.

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone to place an order.

Covered flap

Obstructs access to the container with panels on the right and left of the flap.

Reinforced latch

More difficult to cut open due to additional welded metal plates.

Adjustable feet

Compensate for unevenness at the site and provide increased stability.


Individual locking systems with own key card for padlocks