Collecting Box Shoe XL

Specially designed shoe container for use in limited spaces with 180° door opening for easy emptying.

Teaserbild Container - Collecting Box Shoe XL

Collecting Box Shoe XL

Dimensions: H 131cm x W 78cm x D 76cm

Weight: 60 kg

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Product description

Specially designed for shoe collection

We have developed a special shoe container that can stand compactly in limited spaces and still has a large collection volume. As a stand-alone container or in combination with a Collecting Box Classic, City or Wave: you can immediately tell that it belongs to the Collecting Box family. The Collecting Box Shoe XL meets the same quality criteria as our other products and also has the special advantage of a door opening of up to 180°, which results in simplified and accelerated emptying.

Safety and stability

The safety and stability of our Collecting Box containers are the result of our careful material selection and product testing. The Collecting Box Shoe XL container is made of galvanised sheet metal with a thickness of 1.25 mm. This ensures high stability and durability of the container, even under difficult weather conditions.

Due to the absence of a mechanical component (force-storing spring), the Machinery Directive cannot be applied as a test principle and therefore a CE declaration of conformity is not required and defacto not approved.

Quality down to the last detail

All add-on parts of our Collecting Box Shoe XL containers are galvanised, including the foot rods, the locking system, the hinges and the handle bar. This ensures that our containers are protected against rust and corrosion and have a long service life.

We have also opted for bolted add-on parts for easy repair. The door, access flap, locking system, hinges, foot rods and base profiles can be easily replaced if required. Our unique design also includes a water-draining door frame with additional drainage holes. This effectively protects the shoes collected in the box from getting wet, which is especially important when the box is placed outside.

Distinctive design and functionality

Our monopitch roof design* ensures that rain, snow and ice are deflected to the back of the box, keeping the drop-off area protected at all times.

Our Collecting Box Shoe XL containers can be personalised by cutting in customer initials or logos. Furthermore, all Collecting Box Shoe XL containers can be provided with hidden numbering to ensure unique ownership and identity.

*Design protection


Our Collecting Box containers are characterised not only by their functionality, but also by their distinct design. They are available in RAL 9016 (traffic white) as standard, but we also offer the option of an individual colour design in all RAL colours. In addition, you can also have your containers labelled with motifs, advertising, logos or lettering specially developed for you ex works or order foil sets for self-adhesion. For this purpose, we use high-quality materials such as self-adhesive digital printing foil Arlon DPF510GT (100 mμ) and lamination Mactac Printcover 899 (70 mμ). The transparent lamination protects the foil from damage and makes cleaning easier.

Our digital printing foil with a print quality of 1440 dpi ensures excellent photo reproduction and we guarantee UV resistance for 5 years. You have the choice between different adhesive sets, including the most comprehensive +4/TSV set with digital printing foils for the door, front, left side, right side, back and insertion area. However, individual labelling combinations are also possible. With our labelling option, your container becomes an eye-catcher and attracts the attention of passers-by. The result: a higher collection rate and an aesthetic benefit for the surroundings.

Technical data

ContainerHeight (highest point) 131 cm
ContainerWidth78 cm
ContainerDepth76 cm
DoorWidth69 cm
Unladen weight60 kg
Sheet thicknessGalvanised sheet metal plates1,25 mm